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Nikolai Shmatko: "I just looked at his face, and the heavenly powers told me that he Donald Trump would become the President of the USA"

I made the bust of Donald Trump as an evidence of his participation in the management of the United States of America.

The King of Marble Nikolai Shmatko refreshed the collection of his gallery with the new sculpture "Donald Trump, the US President".

"I made the bust of Donald Trump as an evidence of his participation in the management of the United States of America", says Nikolai Shmatko.

Whichever country the electoral processes take place, Nikolai Shmatko has always been capable to say as appropriate, who is going to be the next President there. As the author says, "Today the election of the US President is the most important event on the global scale". Among all the candidates for the Presidency, he saw the face of Donald Trump as the leader of the presidential race. He saw that Donald Trump would become the US President.

"I would like to propose to Donald Trump a brighter victory with my participation: to bring my art gallery (the collection of sculptures and pictures) to the USA and to arrange an exhibition in his support in all the states. There have never been such exhibitions of one author on our planet. The money earned would be spent to the development of the human intellect under the guidance of Donald Trump. This spectacular exhibition would bring a bright and final victory to Donald Trump", says Nikolai Shmatko.

The art gallery "Shmatko & Sons" was founded in 1985 by the sculptor Nikolai Shmatko. As of today, it contains the biggest collection of marble sculptures in Ukraine made by one author. The author's collection contains about 135 sculptures, more than 80 of which are made of Italian and Ural marble, 300 pictures (paintings, graphic arts), and architectural projects.

Pereyaslav-Khmelnitskiy, 04.02.2016 (photos of Rafael Shmatko)

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