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Excursions Nikolai Shmatko
Excursions to the gallery of modern art.

How one can attend an excursion to the art gallery "Shmatko & Sons"?

It is possible to visit the art gallery by preliminary application for visiting in groups of not less than 10 persons. There is the possibility of reservation of an exclusive (VIP) visiting of one and more persons. You can make questions via e-mail or telephone (----)--------

The visit of the art gallery "Shmatko and Sons" is individual (without a guide)

There is no necessity to file an application and appoint the time of visit beforehand. You can make questions via e-mail or telephone (----)--------

For art admirers

The life of Nikolai Shmatko is full of strange, sometimes mystical coincidences. He became a sculptor at the age of 33 and during his life he has made a huge collection of marble artworks having no analogues in the world, without any support from the government.

The author's collection, exposed in the gallery "Shmatko & Sons", consists of approximately 100 sculptures made of Ural and Italian marble, and about 300 pictures (paintings, graphics, and architectural projects).

Visitors of the art gallery

Many famous politicians, cultural workers, businessmen, ambassadors and connoisseurs of art have visited the art gallery "Shmatko & Sons": Kurt Schmid, Aleksandr Lukyanchenko, Peter Dussmann, Yevgeniy Marchuk, Eugenia Carr (Tymoshenko), Sean Carr, Yuriy Kostenko, Gennadiy Moskal, Nataliya Korolevskaya, Anatoliy Blyznyuk, Andrey Klyuyev, Vladimir Rybak, Aleksandra Kuzhel, Aleksandr Yefremov, Oleh Liashko.

Excursions to the gallery of modern art.
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