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Nikolai Shmatko: "Trump is a global-scale international event"

A well-known Ukrainian sculptor and artist, who represented Ukraine at exhibitions in different countries many times, was given the name of King of Marble by his fans. One can say that during the decades of his creative work he formed a kind of his own original brand. Nikolai Shmatko is known outside of Ukraine as an author of unconventional art works. He has already left a noticeable imprint inserted as a stone into a history page. A remarkable example is a unique white marble statue of the Mother of God created for Svyatogorsk monastery. But today we would like to touch not just the artwork of the artist but his amazing abilities to travel into the future described by Nikolai Shmatko to the interviewer.

– Some of your artwork was a kind of witness or herald of some changes. Foreseeing the events you embodied them in the stone or in paintings. When was it that you first noticed that you possess such an ability and what were you able to predict and reflect in your art?

– This simple question touches some unbelievable events that I could see precisely, 100%. I could see and pinpoint what may happen tomorrow or after a certain period of time. In a way I could travel to the future. One can say that when going through the pages of time I am not a human being. Most likely my information state is positioned in the time that has already happened in terms of the actions! I first experienced this unusual condition in early childhood. Most of my creative activity is under the press of "tomorrow" that has already happened but in actual fact the human kind or each individual or all living beings on the planet hasn't crossed this line yet, however, they have already lived through this tomorrow but don't know that and live in the present. Sometimes I get into this state and am looking for a direct proof through the so-called creative work being a direct confirmation of existence of open time that I enter against all laws of nature. Most important is that this phenomenon has to be substantiated by new proofs permitting to look into a new period of time, i.e. in the life that we have already lived but at the moment we are moving from yesterday's memories called "tomorrow" or "the future". This question can turn on complex mechanisms of perception of the world as a necessity of life. This concept is not a philosophy or a kind of science, since the process of time depends on the things that already have happened and cannot be changed. I just briefly touched this issue. These abilities certainly let me look into the most interesting moments of human life and life of the society as a whole.

– I heard that you openly supported Donald Trump with your artwork while many people threw mud at him being afraid of his coming to power. You had declared him the President of the USA and carved him in marble long before his being elected the President of the USA. Tell us a little about that.

– As to the US and presidential candidates in particular, whatever you say but America plays an important role in building world order, so in this particular case I turned my attention to presidential candidates. I had a chance to see the candidates' faces on TV – at that moment my exaltation reached the highest point. I stopped being a human – it was a border of the other world or the time disappeared leaving only a trace of the process of this time. Being in this unexplainable state, I did not see any other candidates but Trump, while all the others disappeared in the past. On that day I pointed out and declared: Donald Trump is the President of the USA!!! At the same time I noted that Trump was not subject to death, that time did not exist for him, so death was absent. To prove my unusual abilities and my predictions together with my son Rafael I decided to carve Trump's bust from Carrara marble as a symbol of the US. During the wild race of candidates I always indicated that Trump is the President of the United States. I think that my statement made all predictions doubtful, including those of astrologers, psychics and other pseudo scientists. In Ukraine I was the only one who declared loudly that I support President Trump and I will continue to carry this flag to the end.

– Was it a signal from the "higher world"? Who sent it to you?

– This is the most important question of my life. I think that somebody is constantly standing behind my back. If we are talking about President Trump, the information concerning him goes back to ancient Egypt and pharaoh Echnaton. I reflected these roots in 3 paintings. The main painting depicts pharaoh Echnaton, who had 2 keys to power, 3 thousand years later gives one of those two keys to US President Donald Trump in the 21st century. This tells us that President Trump was greatly honoured as a ruler in unusual times of resurrection of neoteric human civilization. I certainly am a witness of a historic event that gives a material confirmation of nonexistent time. There is a huge time distance between President Donald Trump and pharaoh Echnaton that is relevant to the entire life of the human kind on this planet. This stratum of history perhaps is the key to finding an explanation of my state and ability to look into the secrets that humans can't imagine.

This brings up the question: who is Mr. Trump and does he have any age at all? The bust itself doesn't provide any certainty in this respect. From the very first days of the presidential race has become the symbol of his total victory.

– You portrayed him in Carrara marble using a piece that had been in your possession for more than 10 years as a simple stone. Do you think that this stone was predestined for this work?

– Indeed, I had had this small marble block for more than 10 years and most importantly couldn't find a use to it during all this time – as if somebody was protecting it and keeping this block away from me so that I could later turn it into some interesting sculpture. Now the mystery of this stone has been revealed. This stone contained the image of US President Trump. During this period of time Donald Trump was growing, acquiring sagacity, becoming a vivid personality appealing to the society, and a mature family man. The time has come – and there was a bright flash like the sun. A new epoch is emerging, one that is called "the time of US President Trump"! When I pointed out at Donald Trump as the President of the United States, a thought came to me to look at this block of stone to see if Trump is there in it by any chance. When I studied its measurements I clearly saw that Donald Trump had to be rescued from the marble captivity, the marble that had stayed in Apuan Alps for millions of years. This brings up the question: who is Mr. Trump and does he have any age at all? The bust itself doesn't provide any certainty in this respect. From the very first days of the presidential race has become the symbol of his total victory. Nobody could change that because without knowing Trump went ahead of time. I witnessed this race from the very first day, thus being part of it. I was fighting for my victory as well, since I had declared Donald Trump the President of the United States. I pointed out at that and it was proven by his win!

– I heard you are even willing to give this bust as a gift to Donald Trump. Are you expecting some reciprocity?

– Trump is a global-scale international event. A marble image of the US President is in fact the event of the 21st century. Can you sell this event? My goal is to present him this event (the bust) as a gift from me, my son Rafael and the American people. I do not expect to get anything in return. What is important is that the task set by the time is accomplished!

– I can see that you are being in touch with Americans through Twitter – what is their attitude towards you, you art and the bust of Trump?

– During almost a year of our support to Trump through art we got to know more about America, its problems and, most importantly, ordinary Americans. My art became accessible to Americans. We are in the same boat and are ready to help each other any time. We are united by President Trump and the bust of Trump is becoming the symbol and heart of the US. Today is the time of big changes in the fields of science, technology, culture, education, medicine, etc. The power of Donald Trump will allow removing the heap of problems, opening new opportunities for the prosperity of the USA and the world as a whole.

– Does Donald Trump have a future? Will he be up to the demanding tasks ahead of him?

– Trump is a structure of the progress. It is even hard to compare him to anyone. It is a grown product of the time with strong roots for growth, producing bright fruits of progress and providing perspectives for further development. His tenure will be successful and his governing reliable.

– What are your creative plans for the near future?

– My future in the form of my art can be useful to America, President Trump and American people. These are super projects that can be implemented only by America and with Trump's will. These projects concern Las Vegas, veterans and places where it is not possible to live because of harsh natural environment. I can revive these places by attracting a huge number of tourists round a clock. This will bring milliards of dollars of pure revenue every year. I can make a great contribution to America's economy. This will create hundreds of thousands of jobs and that is not all…

– Well, now I am going to ask you a rather strange question. There is a kind of paranoia growing in the world and you speak Russian. Are you a KGB agent?

– KGB is not my organization and cannot be mine! As an artist I am an agent of time, culture, art and human progress. At the moment I consider myself to be a creative agent of US President Donald Trump and the American people! Whatever you say, my art belongs to the humanity and to America as well.

Pereyaslav-Khmelnitskiy, 17.12.2016 (photos of Rafael Shmatko)

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